Bronco LED Shop Frequently Asked Questions


  • How are the Bronco LED Grille lights installed?

We design our LED grille lights to be plug-and-play, making installation as easy as possible. Our goal is to take all of the guess work out of electrical wiring and make it easy for everyone. Most installations can be done in 15 to 30 minutes depending on your knowledge. Please check our installation guides to make sure you have all the necessary tools before installation. Our kit features an add-a-fuse for power, meaning you tap into a current fuse slot in your fuse box for power.

  • How do I know what grille lights I need for my vehicle?

All of our LED “raptor” light kits are grille-specific, meaning they are designed to work specifically with each OEM grille application. All of the mounting solutions are specific to the grilles shown in each kit. We design our kits to fit flush with grille, for an OEM look and finish.

Some of our kits are only available in a two-led option, as there is a plastic plate behind the center slot of the grille which makes installation not possible in the middle section of the grille and does not meet our standards for a flush installation.

  • What fuse do I use for installation?

Please reference your owner’s manual to find the exact fuse location in your vehicle. Fuse 21 will not work for installation – that has since been updated since our video. We suggest locating the fuse slot for the Ignition, Parking Lights or Switches. The ignition fuse is usually slot 9, but please double check in your owner’s manual. Use of the ignition fuse means the lights will turn on and off with your vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: When installing the add-a-fuse into the fuse box, there MUST be two fuses in the add-a-fuse blade otherwise the lights will NOT turn on. One fuse is dedicated for the grille lights and the other replaces the original fuse you are tapping into.

  • Can I wire these grille lights to work with my OEM Bronco uplifter switches? 

Yes, our harnesses can be wired to work with your uplifter switches. You can use the Aux Switch fuse for installation (please reference your owner’s manual to find the exact fuse slot) or use the pre-wired switch wiring at the front of the engine bay – though the second option would require modification of our harness (as we ship them as plug-and-play).

  • How does installation work with a bull bar on the front bumper?

If you have a bull bar on your front bumper, it will need to be removed before the installation of the grille lights. You will need a Torx tool to remove the bolts on the bull bar first, it will add a few minutes to the installation and we suggest having someone around to help lift it off.

  • What is the warranty on the LED grille lights?

Our LED harnesses come with a one-year warranty.

  • Where are the harnesses made?

Our harnesses are manufactured right in our Southern California warehouse.

  • What are your shipping details?

We offer free shipping site-wide, using USPS First Class postage. We can provide UPS postage at a fee of $10. International shipping rates are calculated at check out. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages.

  • Do you have a smoked housing option?

At this time we do not offer a smoked housing option, though our lights can easily be smoked using either a smoked film or Nite-Shade smoked spray-paint.

  • Do you have wholesale opportunities?

We do have a wholesale program! Please email us directly at for more details.

  • Do you have an ambassador program?

Though we are still a small company with a small promotional budget, please contact us directly at if you are interested in collaborating with us for content and marketing.