Bronco Base / Black Diamond & Big Bend / Outerbanks Installation Guide

For help removing the grille on your Ford Bronco please reference our video below. Please note, some of the installation steps will be different for the Bronco Led Shop Ford Bronco Base / Black Diamond & Big Bend / Outerbanks kits as they install using two bracket plates held in place by the grille and the inner grille cover.


All of the Bronco LED Shop LED Grille Lights and wiring harnesses are plug-and-play, meaning installation is super easy! However, we always suggest professional installation if you are hesitant working with wiring.

Please note: If you are using an empty fuse slot for installation, you only need one fuse in the add-a-fuse blade. If you are tapping into a current fuse, you need two fuses installed in the add-a-fuse blade.  

Unsure how the add-a-fuse works with two fuses? Check out this video for help:

Bronco 6th Generation LED Grille Lights Raptor Lights Installation Guide - FOR BASE / BLACK DIAMOND & BIG BEND / OUTERBANKS Models. 

What’s Included:

  • Complete insulated wiring harness
  • Add-a-circuit with Fuse
  • Zip-Ties (for clean wiring)

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Flashlight (Optional)
  • Flathead Screwdriver or Plastic Pry Tools 
  • 10mm Socket
  • Torx 25 and 27 Driver  

Step By Step Installation - Ford Bronco Grille Lights

  • Open the hood using the latch in the driver’s side footwell
  • Use the plastic pry tools or a flathead screwdriver to remove the 9 plastic clips. Please be gentle when removing the clips as they are fragile and can get damaged if too much force is used. Be sure to also remove the clip that connects the air intake on top of the radiator core support cover (on the left side of the engine bay)
  • Remove the plastic radiator cover by gently lifting up the air intake and sliding out the cover by pulling towards yourself.
  • Next, use the 10mm socket to remove the four grille mounting bolts that connect the grille to the radiator core support.
  • Before removing the grille itself, you need to disconnect the front camera and washer fluid line. There are two clips located on the passenger side of the vehicle right next to the end of the plastic radiator cover. There is a small tab on the brown clip that needs to be pushed in to release, and the black clip is an oval shape where you’ll need to press in both sides to release the connector.
  • With the wires disconnected, you can now remove the grille from the vehicle. Please watch our installation video to show how to easily detach the grille from the vehicle itself.
  • With the grille uninstalled from the vehicle, you will next remove the inside of the grille cover from the front. There are six Torx T25 bolts located at the top of the grille, and 2 T27 bolts to remove near the camera mount on each side. This allows you to then access the area behind the grille.
  • With the rear inside cover removed, you can now access the area of the grille where the LEDs are installed. Please reference the photos below to see how the brackets mount to the grille.
  • The brackets are held in place between the grille itself and the inner grille cover. The brackets have a Left & Right variation. The driver side bracket will have a second plastic pin to hold the bracket (photos below).
  • Example shown from Big Bend / Outerbanks Kit (Driver side Installation)
  • Example shown from Base / Black Diamond Kit (Driver Side Installation)
  • In the above image you'll see the bracket held in place, sandwiched between the grille and inner cover. Please repeat this mounting step with both brackets (L & R). You'll now be able to use the Torx T25 screws to re-attach the back cover. 
  • Reattach the 6 T25 bolts to the grille, please be sure to not overtighten the LEDs in place. Reattach the 2 T27 bolts on each side of the camera (if applicable) 
  • Snap the grille back into the vehicle by using the guide pins on each side as a reference. Once the grille is in place make sure it snaps back in all corners. The wiring harness should run along the top of the radiator core support.
  • Attach the harness using the zip ties provided to the empty slots in the radiator core support, this helps keep the wiring clean and out of the way. These wires will be hidden once the plastic cover is reattached. You’ll want to run the wires towards the side of the fender, making your way towards the fuse box.
  • Attach the ground using a 10mm socket to the ground near the engine bay fuse box.
  • Open the fuse box lid and using our Micro2 add-a-fuse, install the add-a-fuse into your desired power source. We suggest using any of the following including Parking Lights, Aux Switch, or ignition. (Slots 63, 26 and 9 ) The add-a-fuse blade should have one fuse installed if you are using an empty fuse slot for installation, but requires two fuses if you are using any of the other listed slots. You'll need to remove the original fuse and insert it into the empty slot of the add-a-fuse in this case. Here is a video on how the add-a-fuse works:
  • Please route the wiring along the fuse box in from the bundle of wires entering the fuse box so you are then able to close the lid. The alternative is to use a small round file to make a small notch for the wire to enter and allow the lid to close on the fuse box.

  • Once the wiring is all connected, turn on the vehicle to test the installation. The LED lights should now turn on and off with ignition.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the LEDs work, reinstall the plastic radiator core support using the plastic clips and installation is completed.


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