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The Return of the Ford Bronco: Guide to the Sixth Generation Ford Bronco

Sixth Generation Ford Bronco

After a ‘brief’ 25-year hiatus from 1996 to 2021, the legendary Ford Bronco is back in production. The new Sixth Generation Ford Bronco is back with styling from the iconic 1966 to 1977 series, and is available in a two-door and four-door option. In 2020, Ford also introduced the Bronco Sport, which is more of a SUV cross-over based on the Ford Escape. The Ford Bronco is a direct competitor to the all-popular Jeep Wrangler and we’re super excited to start seeing them hit the pavement and dirt. In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at the different trim levels available for the Sixth Generation Ford Bronco to compare and contrast some of the key differences.


The Base is the entry-level trim of the Ford Bronco, which is available in a two-door or four-door configuration. This trim level comes equipped with the base 2.3L EcoBoost Twin-turbocharged Inline Four-Cycling gasoline engine. Inside the cabin, you’ll find cloth seats along with an eight-inch touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For the wheels, the Base is equipped with silver-painted steel 16” wheels and 30” tires.

Big Bend

The next level up from the Base trim is the Big Bend, also available in a two-door or four-door model with some more comforting finishes such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear level. The wheels get a nice upgrade with seventeen-inch Carbonized Grey aluminum-alloy wheels and 32” tires.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond trim of the Ford Bronco begins to show some of the rugged features desired by off-road enthusiasts. With this trim level you'll find a powder coated steel front bumper with integrated LED fog lights.  

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks trim is available in a two or four door configuration. This trim is perfect for those looking for more comfort and luxury with their Bronco. In addition to 32" tires, inside the cabin you'll find dual heated front bucket seats, powder-coated side steps along with LED headlights and fog lights.


The Ford Bronco Badlands is the first of the “off-road” level trims of the sixth gen Bronco. In addition to the features you’ll find on the Big Bend, with the Badlands you get 17” wheels with 33” tires. Enhanced off-road driving functionality comes with the four-wheel drive system, plus an upgrades suspension, front stabilizer disconnect finished off with a steel front bumper with LED fog lights and tow hooks. Inside the cabin, you get marine-grade vinyl seats. 


The Bronco WildTrak is the next “off-road” Bronco, also available in a two or four-door configuration. With the WildTrak trim, you can find the Sasquatch Package, as well as the option for the 2.7L EcoBoost Twin-Turbo V6 engine. The WildTrak also features a front hood graphic, cloth and heated seats.


The Everglades trim was announced for the 2022 Sixth Gen Ford Bronco and is only available in a four-door option. This is the top-tier Bronco trim level, before the ever-rare Raptor. This special edition model is based after the Black Diamond trim, but adds a few distinguishing finishes such as front fender graphics, aluminum wheels and a heavy-duty off-roading bumper. We’ve been told that the custom fender graphics also double as a depth meter measuring for water crossing.


The Ford Bronco Raptor trim level was introduced in 2022 and is only available in a four door configuration. This is the top-level Bronco trim and is available in limited quantities nationwide. With the Raptor, you'll get beefy 37" tires and beadlock compatible aluminum alloy wheels. The heavy duty from bumper comes equipped with Rigid LED Fog Lights. Rounding out the vehicle is a 360 degree off-road camera system.  



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